My body is in your court

︎Short dance film

Concept development: Paula Pardo
Direction: Paula Pardo and Yasmina G. Garabato
DOP: Yasmina G. Garabato
Choreography & interpretation: Paula Pardo Helena Gispert
Assitant cinematography: Iris Torruella
Stylism and Custom design: Marina Casañas
Editing: Paula Pardo

A line is like an abyss. A fracture. Here and there, inside and outside, right and left. Us and them. By drawing lines identity is delimited. Defining the self, excluding the other. What happens when we cross the line and the line starts to blur? Did we lose our identity or just expanded our limits?

My Body is in Your Court is a short dance-film created out of the willing to explore the movement lenguaje and how can we film it. Through the course of this “tennis” game we see a evolution in the way to habitate the space and the relation with the other. The movement was rehearsed (to understand the dynamics of the “game”) but not coreographed, therefore it is improvised.