Yung Grnd

︎Creative experimentation platform

Yung Grnd is a platform for experimentation, to share and explore the boundaries of creativity.
Yung Grnd’s intention is to be an useful tool to enrich the cultural scene in Rotterdam, and help to make it grow.

Inside the Yung Grnd platform, we have “Yung Grnd Meets”: a space for collaborations with Rotterdam based artists.
The goal is to create a portrait of Rotterdam’s existing cultural scene.

Yung Grnd is born out of the need to create with complete freedom in the creative industry. The word “creative” has been deformed by impossible deadlines, tight budgets, restrictive clients... Let’s take back what has been stolen, our creative freedom.

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Concept development: Paula Pardo
Direction: Paula Pardo
DOP: Christianne Besems, Matthijs Peters & Tony Chen
Gaffer: Matthijs Peters
Editing: Matthijs Peters & Tony Chen